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While we already know the PS4 was more powerful than its predecessor, Fondaumiere has confirmed that the PS4 is more powerful than any of us believed. Here are the highlights of the interview: - The PlayStation 4 is like something that really is more like the PC of next year or two years. Sony has revealed new information about the DualShock 4 controller. Want the latest rumors about upcoming PS4 games. In an interview with Gamespot, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere had plenty of good things to say about the PlayStation 4. Housemarquee is teasing DLC for Resogun in the form of local co-op. Square Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy XIV has reached two million subscribers, thanks in no part to the recent release of the game on PlayStation 4. Check back every Tuesday for your look at the hottest gaming news from around the Web, only at PS4 Experts. - The Quantic Dream demo shown at the PS4 reveal conference is only the beginning of what the PS4 technology can do best trade in value for ps4. Every year, Sony hosts the Spring Fever sale on the PlayStation Store as a way to highlight March s notable indie releases. April 30th, 2013 -- New Hardware Information, Release Dates, Quantic Dream PS4 Impressions and more. May 7th, 2013 -- Developers Control The Share Feature, Not Players Welcome to your weekly dose of PlayStation 4 news from around the Web. While there, also check out what Mark Cerny has to say about the PS4 launch lineup. One game that keeps coming up in this regard is Battlefield 4 in addition to a new Call of Duty. Expect a full PS4 Experts look on this game in the coming days.

In hardware news, we ve learned that Sony is giving developers power over the Share button, allowing them to enable and disable the feature at will. As you ll recall, Quantic Dream was a PlayStation 3 exclusive developer last generation, responsible for smash hit Heavy Rain, so they know a thing or two about PlayStation development. Could Sony be making a mistake allowing developers to disable one of the main features that makes the PS4 stand out. It s expected that Sony will reveal the look of the console in June at E3 2013. First off we have a new game announcement, hot off the presses. The developer promises more features to come in the coming weeks. We ll have all the details of the conference at our sister site at Xbox-Experts as they happen. On the subject of used games, analyst Michael Pachter has stated that despite Sony allowing developers to block used games, the developers won t go in that direction. Best lock in that preorder ASAP when the release date is announced. You can read all the details on each game s page, accessible from our PS4 Games page. But that s not all that s going on with the PlayStation 4 this week best trade in value for ps4. The reasoning behind this is that developers might not want players to spoil important plot or character information, like a game s final boss. This week s PlayStation Store updates for the week of 4/8 for the United States. - Quantic Dream saw a major improvement with the PS4 when running tests comparing both the PS3 and PS4. Well, it means we may see a large amount of new game releases on the 21st, as rumors state that many companies were holding back on announcing their multiplatform next generation games until all the consoles were revealed.

We ve updated the page with information on the next Tiger Woods game, Final Fantasy XIV, a new game from High Moon Studios and more. Visit our PS4 Game Rumors page for all the latest rumors. Even though you may not be interested in the next Xbox, it may be a good idea to check out the conference just to see what potential new multiplatform games the PS4 will receive.Quantstamp.
. What will happen with your PS3 trophies when the PS4 arrives. This year, the Spring Fever sale has extended itself to include the PlayStation 4 in addition to Sony s other systems. But yeah, you know it s going to be another fantastic design and we can t wait to reveal it. We ve seen a release date for Watch Dogs, exclusive content for Assassin s Creed IV and development issues with Thief come to the forefont. You already know the PS4 would be hard to get at launch but now Sony is apparently falling behind schedule on PS4 production, reports Nasdaq, which will lead to a shortage of the system in the US. April 26th, 2013 -- Next Xbox Revealed On May 21st May 21st, 2013 will finally reveal the last major player in the next generation war, as Microsoft is set to reveal the new Xbox to the world on this date at 10:00 AM PST. Industry analyst Michael Pachter has a theory you will want to check out on our PS4 Online page. Since the February reveal was focused specifically on the gaming aspect of the system, it definitely makes sense for Sony to focus on the controller as that is what we ll be spending our time with. So that s why it s more important for us to talk about the controller at that event because of course we wanted to talk about how we d improved the DualShock 3. Bethesda has just announced Wolfenstein: The New Order for next generation consoles, expected by the end of 2013. .Cardano.



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01-12-2014 · Boards > Community Central > The Vestibule > Can you trade in PS4 Controllers to Bestbuy? > Can you trade in PS4 Controllers to Bestbuy? Discussion in 'The Vestibule' started by DaBadGuyCR, Dec 1, 2014. Tweet. DaBadGuyCR Another Horrible Post. Joined: Feb 22, 2007 ... you can get new Dualshock 4s at best buy for …

Below you'll find all of the latest and best PS4 Pro prices from the big name stores in our comparison chart. There's not too much difference in price between retail stores this time of year, but we're constantly on the lookout for the latest deals and bundles. Looking to buy in Australia? You'll want to take a look at our AU page. If you'd prefer a standard …
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